Fulbright – Israel Police – John Jay Master's Degree Fellowship

Program Overview

The United States-Israel Educational Foundation and the Israel Police are expecting to send one policeman/policewoman to the MA program at the City University of New York's John Jay College. As a program fellow, the selected policeman/policewoman will take a year-long paid leave for the duration of the academic year 2019/20 for the purpose of attaining a master's degree in criminal justice, while receiving full tuition coverage and a basic sum for living expenses. 

The purpose of the program is to make a long-term investment in strengthening the senior command reserves of the Israel Police.

Participation in the program is conditional upon the approval of commanders and the Israel Police. Policemen/Policewomen who are interested in applying will do so in the chain of command, via their units' education or HR officers, and according to their instuctions.

Following the interviewing stage by the selection committee, the selected nominee will work closely with the USIEF and EducationUSA, to submit a complete application to both John Jay's master's program in criminal justice and the Fulbright Program. The application dossier will include a resume, recommendation letters, transcripts, diplomas and a TOEFL score report. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I hold dual citizenship – both Israeli and American. Am I eligible to apply for a Fulbright award?
No. Only Israeli citizens are eligible to apply. Israeli citizens holding citizenship of another country other than the U.S. in addition to Israel are eligible to apply.
I am already enrolled in a program in the U.S. May I apply for a Fulbright award to complete my program?
No. Fulbright awards are granted to applicants who have not commenced their programs in the U.S.
I am a qualified medical doctor. May I apply for the post-doctoral program?
Yes. However, medical doctors (MDs) must also have a PhD in order to be eligible for Fulbright Postdoctoral fellowships. In addition, research in the United States, must not involve clinical contact with patients. Post-doctoral Fellowships are not available to support clinical internships. This is only relevant for Postdoctoral programs.
Can I avail myself of a Fulbright award for a project that I want to work on in Israel?
No. Fulbright awards are for study/research in the United States only.
Are Fulbright grants available for attending conferences, seminars and paper presentations in the U.S. and other countries?
Fulbright grants are not awarded for these purposes.
How do I apply for an award?
You should read the Instructions and Information and submit your Application Form using the Applications Embark online system. Applications which are not submitted online cannot be considered.

For inquiries:

Besan Asbi

Tel: 03-5172131 Ex.205  

Email: [email protected].

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