Study materials available to purchase

The United States-Israel Educational Foundation enables you to purchase the  following  test preparation materials for admission tests to universities in  the US (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE).

In August 2019, there will be no books sales. 

   For your convenience, the following options are available for purchasing these  materials:

  • In person: You may purchase study materials in person on Mondays, Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and on Fridays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at  our office,Rothschild Boulevard 76-74, (Moses House, 1st Floor) 
  • Payment method:  Payment can be made in cash only.


Test Preparation Materials

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL IBT PREMIER 2018-2019 –Includes a CD Rom with four full-length practice tests. Features hundreds of practice questions and detailed answer with explanations. Exclusive score raising tips and strategies. Publisher: Kaplan.

Price:  NIS 230.00 

THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE TOEFL TEST – Features hundreds of authentic exam questions and essay topics. CD Rom includes listening passages and sample responses to speaking questions. Also includes in-depth description of the multiple choice listening and reading section questions. Detailed information on the speaking and writing sections. Publisher: Educational Testing Service (ETS), Fifth Edition (2017)

Price:  NIS 200.00 

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

THE OFFICIAL SAT STUDY GUIDE – Includes detailed information of the new SAT exam which was  launched in March 2016, test-taking strategies for a successful exam, hundreds of review questions and detailed answers for the English and quantitative sections of the exam. Includes eight real sat's and official answer explanations. In addition included is a special chapter on the essay part of the exam. Publisher: College Board, 2018 Edition.

Price: NIS 150.00 

THE OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR THE SAT SUBJECT TESTS – Includes detailed information on the various subject tests and sample practice tests. Publisher: College Board, Second Edition (2011).

Price:  NIS 120.00

CRACKING THE SAT MATH ONE & TWO SUBJECT TESTS  – Includes detailed information on the Mathematics subject tests and four full practice tests. Publisher: The Princeton Review (2017 Edition).

Price:  NIS 100.00 

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

NEW - THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO GMAT REVIEW – 2017 and 2018 – Includes 900 practice questions with answers and detailed explanations. Includes the Integrated reasoning section, GMAT verbal and Quantitative sections. Also includes a diagnostic test. Publisher:  Wiley (2016 and 2017 ). 

Price:  NIS 260.00 (Not available now).

HOW TO GET INTO THE TOP MBA PROGRAMS – Gives step-by-step instructions on the MBA admissions process.  Includes a list of programs with academic and admission information on each program, tips on writing quality essays, importance of letters of recommendation, and how to interview successfully.  Highly recommended for students who are interested in MBA study in the US. Author:  Richard Montauk , Publisher: Prentice Hall Press. Sixth Edition (2013-2014)

Price:  NIS 150.00 

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

GRE PREMIER (2018) -Includes six full-length practice tests, over two thousand practice questions, detailed answer explanations, proven test taking strategies and a diagnostic test with targeted feedback. Recommended for students looking for a comprehensive review of the exam. Publisher: Kaplan.

Price:  NIS 150.00 

THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE GRE REVISED GENERAL TEST- Features explanations of the test sections and strategies for success. CD Rom includes with four real practice tests. Publisher: Educational Testing Service (ETS),Third  Edition (2017)

Price:  NIS 150.00 

GRE FLASHCARDS The Essential GRE Words, definitions, terms and Synonyms for the verbal section of the GRE General tests.

Two publishers are offered: Kaplan/ The Princeton Review   

Price:  NIS 60.00 

GRE PSYCHOLOGY -   Preparatory material for the GRE Psychology Subject Test, and is geared for students applying for master or Ph.D. level degree in various fields of Psychology. Includes two diagnostic tests, and three practice tests. The publication also includes a list of subjects covered in the exam. Publisher: Barron’s, 7th edition (2015)

Price:  NIS 100.00

GRE PSYCHOLOGY TEST – Includes six full-length exams whereby every question is answered with detailed explanations. Also included is a comprehensive glossary terms for all major topics and a CD –Rom with 3 full practice Exams. Publisher: Research Education Association (REA),

Eighth edition (2010).

Price:  NIS 150.00 

GRE BIOLOGY   TEST SECRETS STUDY GUIDE– A study guide to the GRE Biology Subject exam includes strategies for the exam and practice test questions.  

Publisher: Mometrix test Preparation (2011)

Price:  NIS 150.00 

CONQUERING THE PHYSICS GRE– A study guide to the GRE Physics Subject exam includes three full-length practice exams with solutions and reviews of specific topics.  

Publisher: Kahn and Anderson, Second Edition (2014)

Price:  NIS 200.00 

PRE-DEPARTURE HANDBOOK –  For students who have been accepted to a US institution. Includes information on the visa application and interview process, health insurance, banking, taxes, cultural adjustment and much more.


Price:  NIS 40.00